Privacy policy

Hello to Vizpeople network privacy policy page. On this page we will answer few important questions about data collecting on

1. Who is your data administrator on this website.

Your data manager on is Viz-People Andrew Gasior based in Poland, 43-400 Cieszyn, ul. Gleboka 25/001. You can contact us by contact form, send us email on or just calling us on +48 510416641.

2. What data are we collecting.

We are collecting: Username, encrypted password, email address, billing data, shipping data, ip address, tax information and customer notes that are passed by client during ordering process.

3. Why are we collecting your data.

We are collecting your data in order do process orders from our store, send you information about your orders and for tax settlement process.

4. How are we collecting your data.

We are collecting your data only when you provide it to us. When you make orders in our store, when you paying for orders and when you create account on our website. We can also receive information about you from our re-sellers, due to register licence with you.

5. Information we collect about you from others.

During ordering process we may receive information about you from financial institutions such as Banks and PayPal. We can also receive information about you from our re-sellers, due to register licence to you.

6. How we use your data.

We are using your data to connect your order with you. Providing you with products and services described on our website. Verifying your identity when you log in to website. Responding to your email, and helping you to resolve your questions. For purposes which are required by law. For the purpose of responding to requests by government, a court of law, or law enforcement authorities conducting an investigation.

7. Who can we pass or disclosure your data.

We are passing your data to our accounting company in order to fulfill tax responsibilities. Our professional advisers sucha as lawyers, financial advisers. We can pass your data to regulators and government authorities. We can pass your data to financial institutes in order to process payment. Bank or PayPal for example.

8. How long your data are stored.

We are keeping your data as long as you have registered account on our website If you decide to delete your account, all of your data will be removed.

9. How is your data protected.

All of your data are stored on encrypted servers that are provided by leading Polish hosting company ul. Zbozowa 4, 70-653 Szczecin in Poland. To manage your data we are using open source, well known and highly supported Wordpress and WooCommerce platform. We are always keeping our software up to date. We strive to protect your Data but cannot guarantee the absolute security of information sent to our Website. You agree that you provide your Data at your own risk.

10. What are your rights.

You have full authority to manage your data in our organisation. You can edit your data by log in to your account. You can fully delete all of your data from our system by deleting account.

11. Cookies

Cookies are small peaces of data that your browser is saving on your device and our website can read those information. Our website is using cookies for two reasons. One is to store local settings such as your cart content. Other are Google Analytics data. Google Analytic data are helping us to understand how clients navigate on our website, where from they are and how they get to us. You can block usage of cookies locally, in your browser settings.

12. Manage your data.

You can edit and delete your data under My Account -> My Data tab.

Last update: 18.01.2019